Get Your Brand Recognized

People buy from those they know and trust.

So you are looking for effective and affordable options to advertise your business.

We can help you!

Did you know that some researchers have concluded that it can take as many as 20 impressions to persuade a consumer to actually make a move?

We have several methods of helping you to reach consumers with your messages:

Digital Signage Advertising

Brand you business large. Increase trust and show people you are serious about your business.

Fact: Consumers are more likely to do business with a business that is familiar to them.

Newspaper Insertions

Get your flyer or postcard into houses for a fraction of direct mail costs.

Does anyone in your house look at the big store and grocery flyers in the newspaper? Ride-a-long and get your postcard in homes and on fridges!

Direct Mail

With direct mail, your message will be seen by the undistracted eye.

It is true that not everyone reads the newspaper, but home owners do check their mail.

Call Us To Discuss How We Can Help Get Your Business In Front Of Thousands Of Prospective Buyers.


Should display advertising be a part of your marketing budget?

Consumer trust plays an important role especially when a consumer has to decide between 2 competing businesses.

Is the following statement true for you?

“Consumers are more likely to do business with one that is more familiar to them compared to one they have never heard about before.”

It is possible to use traditional media such as Network TV, Radio, Billboards, and Newspaper Advertising 365 days per year but many advertising budgets do not enable an all-year advertising campaign.

When you are forced to take a break, consumers suffer from the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ syndrome and lose trust and faith in your business.

The VideoSign Network cost per thousand (cpm) is only a tiny fraction of what traditional media is.

This is possible as our overhead and location costs are extremely low so we can pass the savings to you.

This is great news for businesses as they now have an affordable option to reach thousands of local consumers 365 days a year while still having money left over to do additional marketing campaigns across other mediums. 

Is print marketing really dead?

According to direct mail marketing research, direct mail holds a lot of power.

Print marketing has the unique opportunity to get your business message, specials or reminders into homes and put in a place for safe keeping.

Have you or any of your household members opened the local newspaper to see the latest grocery or other flyers stuffed in the middle?

The good news with direct marketing is that you have 2 great options to accomplish your marketing goals.

For less cost (cpm) you can “piggy-back” on other high visible marketing materials such as grocery flyers or for more cost, you can cut the clutter and go directly for the mailbox.

Both are great options to ensure your materials will be seen.

Additionally, you can pick the exact postal area you want your materials delivered to.

We make this turn key by completing the graphic design and printing the materials, so all you need to do is give us the approvals and your campaign begins.

Don’t hesitate – Call us and find out how we will help your business grow.


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